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High Sheriff's Initiative Fund

July 2023

Home-Start Wellingborough and District - £3000

The grant will be used to fund projects working with vulnerable families and communities to reduce childhood adversity.

Northampton Basketball Club - £3000

This grant will support projects working with young people at risk of offending or re-offending, specifically focusing on The ‘Carry a basketball not a Blade’ campaign.

The Ramgarhia Board Northampton - £1,500

The grant will fund the delivery of free workshops and sessions for the local community in order to foster a sense of community and improve wellbeing and relationships.

The Core at Corby Cube - £3000

This grant will support Project M, which offers music training and development opportunities for disadvantaged youth, addressing financial barriers and mental health issues.

October 2022

Family Support Link - £4,992.64

Children and Young People part in new wellbeing activities, designed to connect them in with their local community and provide opportunities for them to play a role in both our charity and the community. Sessions will be focused around an allotment, which will be run by the Children and Young People themselves.

C2C Social Action - £5000

The grant will be used to run a programme to empower young people in Kettering to move forward with their lives. The programmes will be run in small groups using material from ShineGirl, Strength and Kintsugi Hope Youth Wellbeing courses

Home-Start Kettering - £5000

The grant will be used to recruit, train and support a team of home visiting volunteers as peer mentors to enable them to support vulnerable families in their own community.

Springs Family Centre - £5000

This project would pick out individuals from the youth work including, Junior Hub for 8-10year olds (set up because of anti-social behaviour on the estate), Spring Boroughs Youth Hub for 11–25-year-olds, detached outreach work, football in the park, basketball practice, music recording studio sessions, for more intensive support.

Off the Streets NN - £5000

The grant will be used to support delivering community initiatives to raise awareness across Northamptonshire, install lifesaving kits, and event activities for the youths.

July 2021

Growing Together Northampton - £2,669

The grant will be used to fund Summer Holiday Play scheme

Springs Family Centre - £3,000

The grant will fund projects working with young people at risk of offending or re-offending

Northampton Town of Sanctuary - £3,000

The grant will towards Learn2Live youth group - To fund Summer and Autumn programme of activities that will divert, empower and up skill the youth 

July 2020

Northamptonshire Emergency Cadets Scheme - £3,000

The grant will be used to fund "Project Eric" - Emotional Resilience in Cadets

Northampton Town Football in the Community - £2,800

The grant enabled them to expand their anti-crime education  and incorporate a social action element so that the project enables our young people to be more active in their community.

Right Resolution CIC - £3,000

The grant funded delivery of 25 tailored and person centred 1-1 sessions to 5 of the hardest to reach young people in, or entering, the care system in Northampton. 

Emmanuel Group of Churches - £3,000

The grant funded a pilot project to lead to development of a multi-agency Hub devoted to helping with prevention, early-intervention and intervention agendas.

July 2019

Family Support Link - £2740.64
The grant will be used to fund their 'I Matter Too' project.

Free 2 Talk CIC - £3,000
The grant will be used to fund weekly youth groups in Bellinge and Lodge Farm.

Rough & Ready Kickboxing - £3,000
The grant will be used to fund up to 5 people to take part in 30 kickboxing sessions.

Springs Family Centre - £3,932.80
The grant will be used to fund a detached outreach project in the town centre and Victoria Park.

July 2018

Time 2 Talk - £4,000
The grant will be used to fund professional therapeutic counselling sessions for those with mental health needs.

Shudan CIC - £4,000
The grant will be used to fund a six week summer school holiday project, to deliver sports and crafts activities and provide lunch for all participants.

Northampton Hope Centre - £2,000
The grant will be used to fund the group work and activities offered at the day centre.

July 2017

Blackthorn Good Neighbours - £3,000
The grant will be used to fund outreach citizen advice support and family activities for local residents of Blackthorn, covering the costs of activities and outreach. 

Performing Room - £3,000
The grant will be used to fund a Music Inclusion Mentoring Project for young people covering the costs of project workers, venue hire and light refreshments.

Bridge Substance Misuse Programme - £2,520
The grant will be used to fund the cost of gym membership for clients on the pathway to recovery from substance misuse.

July 2016

Thorplands Club 81 Football Club - £3,060
The grant will be used to cover costs incurred by taking asylum seekers into club membership and to continue existing work including purchase of kits and equipment. 

The Good Loaf CIC/C2C Social Action - £2998 
The grant will be used to employ a peer support worker to support vulnerable women in Northampton.

Kings Heath Boxing Club - £ 2,885
The grant will be used to provide ‘Box Fit’ sessions for children of secondary school age which is affordable and easily accessible.