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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission for Northamptonshire Community Foundation is to see us providing a unique channel for donors of all kinds to engage with their communities and each other on a lasting basis.  The Foundation will be seen as a catalyst of social change, making community philanthropy compelling and engaging local people in making communities better places to live, work, play and do business. 

Northamptonshire Community Foundation will fund, connect and convene effective charitable activity that creates stronger and more cohesive communities.

The Foundation’s role as a Community leader means that we undertake research, build community resource, broker partnerships, promote strategic relationships and rises to the challenge in difficult circumstances when leadership is required. 

Northamptonshire Community Foundation is underpinned by its commitment to involving local people in decision making and to the values of cultural diversity and equal opportunities. It exhibits probity and good governance, with transparent and accessible procedures.

The Foundation’s philanthropy advice, investments policies, financial systems and grant giving services are Quality Accredited independently every three years through an independent evaluator provided by our membership organisation UK Community Foundations.

The Foundation’s vision is to create a culture of giving that strengthens and supports the local community in a global context which is why we will also measure our giving to reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals.