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Rose of Northamptonshire Awards


Nominations for the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards 2023 closed on 31st May 2023. Nominations have been reviewed, shortlisting has taken place and the winners will be announced soon!  

The Rose of Northamptonshire Awards were first launched in 2021 by the High Sheriff's Office, the Lord Lieutenancy, and what was at the time Northamptonshire County Council. The Awards were part of the Unsung Heroes Initiative, looking to identify and express thanks to groups and individuals who worked tirelessly to keep communities safe, and businesses moving, during the global Covid-19 crisis.

In 2023, this county-wide awards initiative is being re-launched by a partnership between the North and West Northamptonshire Unitary Authorities and Northamptonshire Community Foundation. The awards are supported by several representatives for the county, including: James Saunders Watson Esq, Lord-Leftenant of Northamptonshire; Crispin Holborrow DL, High Sheriff; Chairman André González De Savage, Chair of West Northamptonshire Council; Chairman Larry Henson, Chair of North Northamptonshire Council.


“I am delighted that the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards are being re-launched. This gives all of us in Northamptonshire an opportunity to recognise the incredibly valuable contributions that individuals and groups make to our lives in the county. This also highlights the importance of volunteering which is one of the key themes of the Coronation.”

- James Saunders Watson Esq, Lord-Leftenant of Northamptonshire


"It is fantastic to see the county coming together to support this initiative, originally conceived with shrievalty input back in the pandemic. Community groups, charities and volunteers do so much for us all and this is a way of thanking them as well as those in public service."

- Crispin Holborow DL, High Sheriff


“On behalf of West Northamptonshire, I am delighted that the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards are live and through the awards we can rightfully recognise the quite outstanding efforts that stars in our community put in.

Those brilliant people do what they do in such selfless and generous ways and deserve our full recognition.”

Chairman André González De Savage


"I am delighted to support the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards relaunch.  

This is such a wonderful way to recognise and reward the many outstanding individuals, charities and groups in our County who go above and beyond, often on top of their already busy lives.  

They all deserve this acknowledgement and mark of appreciation."

- Chairman Larry Henson


Nominations for the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards 2023 closed on 31st May 2023. Nominations are being reviewed and shortlisting will take place throughout June. If you have any questions, please contact 


The timeline for the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards 2023: