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Northamptonshire Community Foundation working with Anchor Butter to fund vital food projects across the county

Northamptonshire Community Foundation is one of three members of the UK Community Foundations network, working with Anchor Butter in 2024 to distribute funding through the Anchor Community Connection Fund. 

Anchor Butter is owned by Arla Food Limited, the UK’s biggest dairy company. UK Community Foundations is working with Anchor to award grants from £100,000 of funding that has been shared evenly amongst Northamptonshire, Devon, and Lancashire and Merseyside Community Foundations.  

This funding will be awarded to charities, community groups and volunteer-led organisations running projects set up to bring people together to share food and strengthen community connections.  

In Northamptonshire, applications for grant awards of up to £3,000 from the Anchor Community Connection Fund are now open. Applicants can complete an application form at any time until the fund closes on Friday 29th March. 

Rachel McGrath, CEO of Northamptonshire Community Foundation, said: “We know from our Northamptonshire Hidden Needs Report that social isolation and loneliness are issues that need to be tackled and how the opportunity to meet and make friends over food can create the social glue that builds new connections. We’re proud to be working with Arla Food Limited to tackle these issues head-on and help spread some good in the neighbourhood!’ 

“No matter who you are, coming together with others to enjoy a meal is a wonderful way to build connections. The team are looking forward to seeing the projects and events that take place across Northamptonshire with the funding that the donors have so generously provided.”