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Young Philanthropy Course

Young Philanthropy is a free course delivered by the Foundation Team to young people aged 18-24 years of age.  We can deliver this course to Colleges and Universities, Charitable Organisations and Agencies.  We deliver the course at your venue for free which results in a certificate that can contribute to build a CV, UCAS points and provide an alternative learning experience as well as an insight into philanthropy and the local charitable sector.

To book a session you will need a minimum of 10 young people and have a venue space with internet access. Contact Rachel McGrath for further details on 01604 230033 or email

On completion of the course a young person will receive a certificate and an opportunity to take up an optional volunteering placement.

Learner aims and objectives:

  • Unique one day free course for 18-24 year olds which enables a unique selling point on a young person’s CV

  • Build personal and social development (on aspects such as confidence, aspirations and ambitions and contributions to communities)

  • Alternative education and learning experience

  • Insight and understanding into philanthropy, working in the charitable sector and donor motivations

  • Insight and understanding of small grassroots voluntary and community sector organisations

  • Lever opportunities for voluntary work placements in the charitable sector

  • Progressive recognition of achievement