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Northamptonshire Insights

Welcome to Northamptonshire Insights. In order to achieve lasting community solutions for the most pressing challenges and problems of our local communities, we are committed to developing our knowledge and understanding of Northamptonshire’s priority needs. Starting with our Hidden Needs Report, published in 2017, we created insight into the priority issues and where they are located within the county.

We will continue to provide reports on priority needs through the community mapping and reporting tool Local Insight. The reports may also include reference to other sources and data. We also highlight example community solutions funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation on behalf of our donors to showcase how some of the most urgent local needs can be tackled effectively. We are dedicated to funding community-based action which improves the lives of Northamptonshire’s most disadvantaged people and communities highlighted in these reports.

Local Insight Profile Reports – Geography

Welcome to our series of Local Insight Profile reports covering all areas of Northamptonshire. Each profile gives you an insight into the Northamptonshire area based on population, vulnerable groups, housing, crime and safety, health and wellbeing, education and skills, economy, access and transport, communities and environment. The indicators are information published by government as open data – appropriately visualised, analysed and interpreted – and is a critical tool for Local Authorities.

The profiles are intended to help build your knowledge and understanding of the local areas that you live and work in. The data can be used for reports and as evidence of need for funding applications, for example. If you wish to reproduce any part of the report, then please adhere to the copyright information contained in each profile.

Northamptonshire Hidden Needs Report 2023

Northamptonshire Hidden Needs Summary Report 2023

Northamptonshire Local Insight Profile

Corby Local Insight Profile

Daventry Local Insight Profile

East Northamptonshire Local Insight Profile

Kettering Local Insight Profile

Northampton Local Insight Profile

South Northamptonshire Local Insight Profile

Wellingborough Local Insight Profile

Northamptonshire Community Foundation Winter Wellbeing Fund Report 2023

Local Insight Rural Poverty in Northamptonshire report 2023

CPRE’s Affordable Housing report, “Unravelling a crisis: The state of rural affordable housing in England”