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Grant Acknowledgement & Logos

If you're successful in applying for a grant with us you'll be required to publicly acknowledge your grant from the Foundation. 

We ask that you acknowledge our funding in the following ways:

  • Place our logo on any marketing materials (leaflets, posters, books, banners etc) 
  • On your website.
  • Mention us in a post on Facebook (Tag us in a post acknowledging your recent grant using '@northantscf') Like our page
  • Send a tweet on Twitter (Share a pre-composed tweet). Follow us here.
  • Anywhere that is visible to the public e.g office, clubhouse, etc. We do have a limited number of plaques available at the office, please contact us if you'd like one.
  • Press - Tell your local newspaper, or radio station about your funded project.  A press release accompanied by a photo or short film is a good way to introduce your work (ensure that you gain consent from people you would like to photograph or film, especially if you plan to use the images for publicity purposes). Download our template press release

Download our official logo below.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation logo JPEG
Northamptonshire Community Foundation logo PNG

Send us your photos
Here at Northamptonshire Community Foundation we like to promote and celebrate the projects that we support, we do this in a variety of ways including through photos of your project in action. 

Read our How to take the perfect photograph guide before sending us your photos.

Please send all photographs to Hazel Munn and attach them as a PNG or JPEG. If you'd like to send a photo folder, please send them via We TransferPlease note we no longer accept photographs through the post.