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End of Grant Report

We are committed to helping you carry out effective monitoring and evaluation during and after your grant award. Each grant recipient is required to complete an end of grant report accompanied by evidence of what you spent your award on.

We have now moved to a new system of online end of grant reporting. Your group will receive a specially tailored online monitoring form following your award by email with an online link to your report. You will receive automatic email reminders as your project completion date nears to prompt you to completing the information.

If you do not complete this online form and submit it along with all receipts, your group will no longer be able to apply for grants and the Foundation is within its rights to reclaim all funding awarded to you.

We can advise you and provide support with completing the online end of grant report, please get in touch either by phone or email. Details are on our Contact Us page. If you accidentally delete your emails with the online link please contact the Grants Team and we can re-send this information.

Evaluation Toolkit

If this is the first time you have had to complete an End of Grant Report then the following toolkit provides helpful and useful information on how to evaluate your activity and why it is an important tool for developing your project.

A toolkit and further guidance is available to download below.