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Corporate Social Responsibility

We partner with Northamptonshire based businesses to help them achieve their charitable and corporate social responsibility goals.

Businesses are becoming increasingly socially responsible. We know many organisations in Northamptonshire want to support their local community, but other demands on their time mean they can struggle to make the difference they would like and don’t have the resources to respond to all charity request they receive.

Working with Northamptonshire Community Foundation for your corporate giving is a great way for companies to ensure that your good intentions are delivering real impact and helping those in most need, all without taking you away from your day-to-day work.

Many businesses now include a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy in their aims and objectives as a way to give back to the local community. Through our Friends of the Foundation Fund, we offer an effective way for local businesses to put back into their community.

We can help your organisation achieve its philanthropic goals and make a difference in Northamptonshire.

Become a Friend of the Foundation and benefit from:

  • A coordinated and strategic approach to grant giving in the county.
  • Save time and resources by allowing the expertise of our team to identify the community groups and project in greatest need of your donations.
  • Enjoy a collaborative approach, working alongside other local businesses and philanthropists.
  • Be part of a pooled funding pot and contribute to making an even bigger difference in your local community.
  • Ensure your good intentions deliver a real impact to those in greatest need.
  • Receive impact evaluations to share with board members and employees, demonstrating the success of your support within the community.
  • Take the opportunity to involve your employees with your organisation’s corporate social responsibility goals.
  • Corporate Gift Aid - Companies are entitled to tax relief for charitable donations made to the Friends of the Foundation Fund.