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Case Study: United African Association

About the Group

United African Association (UAA) advise, support, advocate for and represent the African community. They promote community cohesion through events, projects and activities that showcase African culture and heritage.

Their current activities include providing African food parcels, supporting the food beneficiaries and wider community with various issues, signposting to other organisations and telephone befriending services.

Support required

UAA required funding to purchase African food items to continue providing food parcels to those faced with the worst food poverty in the community and support those referred trough GPs, Health Clinics, Mental Health Nursing staff,  Northamptonshire Children’s Trust and social services whose service users are not eligible for Local Authority assistance.

What was achieved through the grant
Over 400 beneficiaries have benefitted from the grant with the majority of food parcels being provided to African beneficiaries who are facing employment shortages and are unable to access benefits because of their immigration status.

Improvements in individuals’ diets were reported as well better access to health food. Other advantages reported included enhanced physical health or well-being with just under half the beneficiaries confirming that they felt less lonely.

UAA have also been able to purchase special provisions for the Ramadan period and Eid Festival as requested by the African Muslim community.