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Cast Study: The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation

The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation foodbank provides food parcels to local schools, as well as other organisations such as domestic abuse services, mental health services, and HM Prison and Probation services. TMDF also provides social clubs, digital inclusion classes, affordable haircuts, cookery classes and home renovations to local, vulnerable groups.

The organisation received a grant through the Family Fund Aid Fund to stock the foodbank with essentials to provide items for food parcels and breakfast boxes to be distributed to local schools to supply a healthy breakfast snack to any child that has missed breakfast before their school day. 

TMDF provided 22 schools in Northamptonshire with 60 Breakfast Boxes for the second half of the spring term (from February half-term until Easter Holiday); there are 60 Breakfast Boxes ready to be delivered to schools for the first half of the summer term (from Easter until the May half-term). Each Breakfast Boxes contains 14 packs of nutritious breakfast bars, healthy cereal bars and raisins to be kept in classrooms, so teachers can give them out to children who go to school without breakfast. 

Feedback from schools prove the importance of having breakfast to the healthy physical and emotional development of children. Breakfast Boxes contain healthy snacks and nutritious breakfast bars for those school children who go to school without eating in the morning. This can affect their physical and emotional abilities to learning.