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His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant presents local heroes with Rose of Northamptonshire Awards

Last week volunteers from local charities The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation and The Lewis Foundation received Rose of Northamptonshire Awards, for their tireless work and dedication to their local communities. In total, 57 presentations to local unsung heroes will be taking place throughout August and September.  

At The Lewis Foundation, Founders Lee and Lorraine Lewis source, package and hand deliver free gifts and support packs to adult cancer patients in 17 different hospitals. Supporting The McCarthy-Dixon Foundation, volunteers Liz and Graham Chapman, Mick Donnelly, Marie Ryan, Kathleen Soper and Andy Leeming work to alleviate hunger and provide for the most vulnerable in Northampton.     

Aiming to acknowledge, recognise and celebrate unsung heroes across the county, Northamptonshire Community Foundation and the North and West Northamptonshire Unitary Authorities came together at the beginning of 2023 to re-launch the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards.  

Awards are being presented by representatives from each organisation, including the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire and the Chairs of North and West Northamptonshire Councils. 

James Saunders Watson Esq, His Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire and one of the presenters of the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards, said: "In a world that often moves at a fast pace, the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards serves as a touching reminder of the incredible acts of kindness and dedication that transpire within our own neighbourhoods.  

“The outpouring of nominations for the Rose of Northamptonshire Awards reflects the deep appreciation and respect that residents have for those who contribute their time, energy, and resources to uplift the lives of others.  

“As the community gathers to celebrate these exceptional individuals and groups, we invite everyone to join us in applauding their remarkable achievements. The Rose of Northamptonshire Awards not only honour the recipients but also inspire a collective spirit of giving back and fostering a sense of belonging.” 

Northamptonshire Community Foundation CEO, Rachel McGrath, said: “Northamptonshire Community Foundation is absolutely delighted to be working in partnership alongside our respective local councils to re-launch the Rose of Northamptonshire awards. 

"In doing so we wish that so many more community groups, charities, social enterprises and volunteers get well deserved recognition for the incredible good so many do on the doorstep of our county and to celebrate civic pride in our local communities,” 

Presentations of Rose of Northamptonshire Awards will continue across the county during the first two weeks of September.