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Case study: The Doddridge Centre

The Doddridge Centre is a busy, welcoming resource centre providing a wide range of facilities and support to community and voluntary groups and enterprises. We offer room/space and hall hire at competitive rates and with special rates for non-profit, charitable, community groups and ethical businesses. We host many different events and activities throughout the year, all aimed at supporting the community and individuals alike.

We are keen to bring the local community back into the centre following the covid pandemic and create a safe space for local people to engage in activities, groups and build support networks. We are hopeful to re-build the thriving hub that the Doddridge Centre once was, involving the local community in voluntary opportunities and providing learning opportunities.

We work with many different organisations, charities, voluntary and community groups to provide space for them to undertaken their own groups and activities or use our rooms for meetings, conferences and events. We engage in assisting them to build their own organisations by using ours as a starting platform.

We have been working hard to listen to the voices of the local community in what they would like to see happening within the centre and this is an important part of our future, to ensure that we co-produce the activities and events which taken place here at the Doddridge Centre.We undertake community development and community work in furtherance of our charitable aims

We are working with the local community and organisations to relieve poverty by providing support for other organisations which give help to people suffering hardship.

We are a community hub offering a variety of services to a variety of organisations, groups and the local community.

What we Funded and Why

We will spend the funding by providing activities and events on a monthly basis for the local community at the Doddridge Centre. We would like to organise and hold an Easter fair, car boot sale, Jubilee event, Summer Fair, Family fun day, autumn event, Halloween event, Christmas fair, along with any other events or activities requested by the community.

By hosting these events, we will bring the community together in one space where they can interact and enjoy the same activity. We would like to engage the community in the organisation of the events, and invite them to host stalls and their own activities making it as inclusive as possible.

We will provide free activities for children and adults, making a day of fun once a month for for the local community and surrounding areas. We will attempt to meet the needs of all cultures and ages bringing the community together for a common purpose.



Improved Community Cohesion  
Number of people reporting that they feel an increased sense of belonging in their community 820
Number of people reporting an increased awareness and understanding of other cultures 256
Number of people reporting that they feel able to have a say in the decisions that affect them 57
Number of people supported as victims of anti-social behaviour or crime 12


Increased Volunteering and Social Action  
Number of people who took action in a campaign 160
Number of people reporting that they feel able to have a say in decisions that affect them 67
Number of people volunteering regularly  15
Number of work or volunteer placement/experience opportunities provided  8
Number of new volunteers as a direct result of the grant 7


Improved Social Networks  
Number of people reporting that they feel an increased sense of belonging in their community  631
Number of people reporting that they feel less lonely 376
Number of new members of the group/organisation 262
Number of people reporting improved social networks  134


Story of change

Prior to these events being held there was a limited amount of activities being provided in the St James area. By introducing a monthly event, we have been able to bring together the community to create new support networks and built new friendships. We have seen many new visitors to the Centre as a result of the event and this has made individuals feel part of the community again. It has been lovely to talk to so many individuals as we have been able to discuss with them other activities, they would like to see taking place within the centre and as a result of this we have started new groups and activities. Whilst attending at the Centre, people have been able to learn about the offerings at the centre to include the community wardrobe and the food parcels available to them. We have tried to make all the activities as inclusive as possible and have enjoyed creating these new opportunities for the local community to come together and interact with one another.

One of our volunteers came on board as a result of attending of our events. She came to one of our fairs and was talking about how she likes to knit and showing us examples of what she is capable of. Another lady said that she would like to learn how to knit and from this the knit and natter group was born. The lady now volunteers on a weekly basis and has made new friendships and support networks herself but she also assisted with a lady who has recently moved to the area. They all meet up away from the Centre and go for lunch. Had the volunteer not attended at the event, then we would not have created a new group and she wouldn't have made the new friendships that she has.