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Staff blog: A visit to a Chilean community foundation

While on my travels in Chile to visit my family in April 2023, I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Matías Sáenz Maritano from Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias (COS) and Rodrigo Villar from Centro de Filantropia e Inversiones Sociales (CEFIS).

CEFIS are the first academic centre in Chile dedicated to delivering knowledge to private giving destined to social goods and align themselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Something we very much have in common at Northamptonshire Community Foundation!

COS are a network of civil society organisations in Chile that aim to build a fairer, more equitable and sustainable country through collaborative action. COS are in the process of starting a community foundation in Chile as there isn’t one…. YET

(Fun fact: in South America, they call them territorial foundations) 

Together CEFIS are working with COS to help promote territorial foundations and promote the global goals. It was fantastic to meet with them and hear the change they want to make in Chile and discuss our work here at Northamptonshire Community Foundation as a grant giver, our own work on the global goals, the different types of funds we deliver, our response to communities in need, but also the importance of endowment to provide long-term support, which in the words of my CEO Rachel McGrath, is being a good ancestor for the future of the charity. I can’t wait to hear about how they develop. 

San-D Godoy-Messenger

Grants Team Officer