Global Goals Fund for Northamptonshire

This fund is currently closed


Northamptonshire Community Foundation is delighted to launch the Global Goals Fund for Northamptonshire to help build a sustainable and safe future for Northamptonshire communities. The fund will focus on the following themes in 2022 which aim to address: decent work and economic growth; reduced inequalities; sustainable cities and communities; peace, justice and strong institutions. 

This is a rolling programme meaning you can apply at any time and the maximum funding award is £3000. The priorities of the programme will be based on our series of community conversations and your project must deliver on one or more of the following priorities:

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Community investment in projects supporting employment pathways for individuals: projects that provide increased access to employment pathways especially those that are inclusive of young people and adults who are neurodiverse, have mental health conditions, people with disabilities and others that may experience multiple barriers and discrimination to gaining meaningful employment.

Alternative learning experiences: projects that fund alternative learning experience outside of school and those which especially provide young people with positive experiences including volunteering and activities to help build future career aspirations and support broader opportunities in the job market.

Developing digital skills for all: projects that support digital inclusion and tackle digital exclusion and digital poverty to maximise everyone’s access to employment opportunities and providing upskilling to increase employability.

Reduced Inequalities

User-led projects which provide specific and appropriate services: we will actively welcome applications from groups and organisations that are led by local residents within our communities who are ‘experts by experience’ focusing on protected characteristics, vulnerable groups within our communities, residents on a low income or living in a deprived area including access to support for rural communities.

Projects that actively provide accessible and inclusive services including adaptation to digital and face to face offers.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Safe public spaces: projects that provide and build safe and accessible public spaces for all residents including green spaces, community venues, safety initiatives, alternative public transport and anywhere that enables local people to enjoy quality of life outside of the home, build social networks and support health and well-being.

Investment in new and young volunteers: projects that provide opportunities for new and young volunteers introducing them to community and social action; especially encouraging projects that provide sustainable pathways to volunteering to help build long term social capital to build and maintain sustainable places and spaces.

Projects which connect communities: projects that actively provide opportunities for connecting local residents to their communities through activities and through information (e.g. newsletters, forums and events) to build the social networks that help build sustainable towns, villages and communities.

Community Transport for all: projects that support and ensure activities are accessible for all, including those in rural and urban areas, with resourced community transport schemes which keep local people connected and involved, especially older, vulnerable and isolated residents within our communities.

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Promote education on and understanding of the rule of law and democracy: projects that provide educational and training opportunities for building local resident’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities in a legal and democratic context to help promote peace, justice and strong institutions

Supporting physical spaces where communities can meet: projects that actively provide accessible and inclusive physical spaces that enable the building of community assets, broad representation from under-represented communities and a safe space to build networks and partnerships.

Is my group eligible?

• Your group must be a small, locally managed, voluntary, community or self-help group. Please note that as a general exclusion we do not fund social enterprises with persons with significant control (PSC)
• You must be based in Northamptonshire
• You must have people volunteering to help with your activity, who are not part of your management committee
• You must have a set of written rules or constitution that your group adheres to, that contains a dissolution clause. We can help advise you on how to do this especially if you are a new group

You must have safeguarding policies in place if working directly with children and young people or vulnerable people. We have resources on our website to help with this. You must have an equalities policy in place. This will be needed as a condition of funding. If you do not have such a policy, visit our Help for Groups section.

The programme will not fund the following:

• Capital projects, e.g. renovation or building work
• Profit making organisations or businesses
• Activities of a political nature
• Activities which exclusively support or promote religion or religious behaviour

Upcoming closing dates:

  • This fund is currently closed

Go to grant deadlines for all upcoming closing dates.

To apply please click on this link: This fund is currently closed

 Please wait for at least 15 minutes & check your junk mail for the email containing the link.

Please read the guidance notes and download the reference form and supporting documents checklist at the bottom of the page before applying.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation can provide advice and guidance during the application process aswell as viewing draft applications prior to submission. Call the grants team on 01604 230033 for more information.

Please click here to view our Diversity Statement applicable to our grant awards.

Our funds and programmes are working towards the 9 UNSDGs we have adopted into our charitable activities. For more information please click here

Project Type: General

Grant Location:  Northamptonshire (county-wide)

Grant Amount: Up to £3,000