Trust fund management


As a grant making trust, you may wish to consider outsourcing part or all your grant making to Northamptonshire Community Foundation.  We support a variety of partners in this way providing basic administrative support or a full-service package where you can benefit from our knowledge, reach and expertise. 

You may also be reviewing plans and seeking advice on where to focus future support.  Or with worries about sustainability, you may be looking to wind up your trust and find a guardian of the assets who will continue to fulfil its objectives. Either way, Northamptonshire Community Foundation has a range of flexible options suited to your circumstance. 

We can provide a range of solutions from assisting with grant making to taking over a trust completely. If trustees wish, they can retain an involvement without having the burden of the financial and legal responsibilities.  

Working together with you and your professional advisor, we can assist you with trust transfers, moving the funds into another endowed fund with modern and applicable objectives.  

We are able, if it is required, through the transfer process to change the specific objects of the trusts and continue to distribute grants in the spirit of the original founders. With active trusts, it may be that trustees are looking for a sustainable approach to their fund, to ensure that the excellent work they have undertaken for many years is continued in perpetuity without losing involvement in the funds.  

As an alternative to transferring a trust, where applicable, we are also able to take over the management of active trusts, sometimes by becoming corporate trustees of an existing trust.  

Trustees of charities and community groups facing closure may decide the work that Northamptonshire Community Foundation does to support local communities and individuals is in line with the aims of their group and that a transfer of funds to the Foundation would ensure a worthwhile and effective use of remaining assets. Whatever the reason for closure, it is not uncommon for organisations to have residual funds and the trustees will be required to distribute these in accordance with the dissolution clause in their governing document and may turn to you for assistance. Charity Commission rules are clear that residual assets should be passed on to another charitable organisation that can use such assets to follow the same or similar objects.

Former Chairman of the Northampton Queen’s Institute Relief in Sickness Fund said: “Running a small charity is becoming increasingly onerous, with all the rules and regulations now facing us. Northamptonshire Community Foundation has the professional support and expertise to enable us to deal with the daily management issues that confront us. The trustees of the Queen’s Institute are confident that this charity, which has done so much to help the health of the inhabitants of Northampton, will continue to prosper under the guidance of the team at the Community Foundation.”

For more information on Charitable Trusts, download a copy of our Charitable Trusts guide below.

Should you have any questions or you require further details about Charitable Trusts we would be very pleased to contact you personally to discuss the difference your help will make. Please email our CEO, Rachel McGrath or Head of Giving and Development, Dean Jones or call 01604 230033.