Leslie Church Memorial Fund

The Leslie Church Memorial Fund was set up as a trust transfer in early 2020 and they have started to distribute funds to support education and learning projects. This thank you has come from the deputy head at Northampton School for Boys:

"I hope the summer is treating you well and support for the Northamptonshire Community Foundation is also going well.

I hope you don't mind me troubling you, but I am writing to you to outline how the fantastic support the Leslie Church Memorial Fund gave was utilised during our summer term.

By way of introduction, I am the Deputy Headteacher at the school with oversight for our most disadvantaged students and their learning.

The Breakfast Club highlighted 27 of our most needy students in Year 7 who were already falling behind because of the restrictions in place throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns and the position they were already in because of the financial implications of their family unit and the support academically or with technology being provided at home. The 27 students had been loaned a laptop PC provided by the Government DfE system during the pandemic lockdowns but with little support academically at home they returned with significant loss of learning. The Breakfast Club is targeted at reducing this, and it is hoped will not only reduce the gap but will close it with their peers.

Each Breakfast Club took place prior to school commencing, the students arrived early, and our catering staff came in earlier and provided them with a cooked breakfast they took to their English or Maths lesson. The aim in Terms 5 & 6 was to ensure all students achieved their targets over the two terms and no further decay in progress was evident.

We had over 95% attendance to any session which was a fantastic success considering school was now starting at 7:45am!

Students took an active role and participated well in lessons and particularly like the small group learning and pushing to achieve their targets.

I am delighted to report that all student bar 1 achieved their target mark for the term and were in line with their non-disadvantaged peer outcomes. 7 students surpassed their target grade were amongst the top performers in the term.

The lost knowledge over the pandemic lockdowns remains a source of catch-up concern and we continue to work in class and are developing plans to run a series of similar interventions in the near future for this year group to continue with their progress and the new year 7s to benefit from a new 'Breakfast club'. The club will restart in October.

I wanted to write this short email to thank you for your charitable donation which has had a fantastic response and has benefitted some young students who are now really engaged in their learning journey. I look forward to seeing their progress and would hope to be able to write to you again with further updates."