Individuals and Families


Whilst there will always be a place for the conventional route of setting up a charity, a unique feature of Community Foundations is the ability to establish a personal or corporate fund where the administrative burden and legal compliance is managed by us but, importantly, you, the donor can remain as closely involved in the application of your money as you wish.  A named fund with Northamptonshire Community Foundation works in a similar way to a charitable trust but is a lot easier to manage.

Named funds are bespoke to your charitable objectives and you can choose

  • The name of the fund or whether to remain anonymous
  • The geographical area of benefit in Northamptonshire
  • The causes that you wish to support in your grantmaking
  • The level of involvement in terms of giving and selecting projects to fund

The Mick and Sheila White Fund awards grants from £500 up to a possible £5,000 to provide support for young people driven to excel in their sporting career.  Working in tandem with the Northamptonshire Community Foundation, the fund can support travel expenses for sporting events and tournaments, the cost of purchasing new equipment, clothing, specialist coaching and any other essential requirements to smooth their passage.

 “Supporting young people in sport has always been a great passion of mine. I am very much a local man, born and brought up in the town so it is important to me to give a little bit back, helping youth progress in the county and beyond.”  Mick White, Fund Holder 


Dermot Bailey Great Britain Wheelchair tennis player, part of
@ParalympicsGB 2016 PIP programme in Rio; grantee of the Mick and Sheila White Fund

For more information or to discuss Named Funds in more detail, contact by email our Head of Giving and Development, Dean Jones or by phone on 07483 428105.