UNSDG 10 Reduced Inequalities Next Steps

Date Posted:04/05/2021

In 2021 we have been continuing with our series of online Community Conversations to help promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals locally to show how our work enables us to ‘think global and act local.' July’s focus was on UNSDG 10: Reduced Inequalities. We had an insightful discussion with donors and the community groups we fund on their behalf, bringing people together to discuss local solutions.

We got to hear from a range of local practitioners on their work, challenges and approaches in supporting reduced inequalities across Northamptonshire from an LGBTQ+, disabilities and Black and Minority Ethnic communities perspective with a focus on tackling discrimination to make life accessible, inclusive and safer for everyone. This included the work and contributions from Northamptonshire Black Communities Together, Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Sport and Q Space. We heard about the challenges of  tackling reduced inequalities, urgent priorities and the importance of the role of the foundation in providing funds as a place-based grant maker to community groups and charities which are on the frontline of working with residents who need local support to achieve reduced inequalities.

Each Community Conversation will provide an opportunity to come up with an initial action plan to improve activity and work in helping achieve each UN SDG by 2030. You spoke and we listened. As a result, these are the next actions we will be taking to support work on achieving reduced inequalities locally. This is our commitment to you.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation commits to the following actions to help achieve UN SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities in Northamptonshire:

Challenge and educate ourselves (VCSE sector) and then go out and challenge and educate others: we will commit to embracing equity, diversity and inclusion within Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s working culture and promote best practice in partnership with organisations on a similar journey within Northamptonshire VCSE sector to build confidence, expertise and knowledge and build a diverse and thriving charitable sector.

Support infrastructure organisations, particularly for marginalised communities and promote collaboration and partnerships: we will commit to working strategically in partnership with infrastructure organisations and other local organisations that help develop the VCSE ecosystem to provide a platform, collective voice, support and resources for local communities experiencing barriers and discrimination to a safe and well life, and increase representation and local solutions.

Investment in user-led projects which provide specific and appropriate services: we will actively welcome applications from groups and organisations that are led by local residents within our communities who are ‘experts by experience’ focusing on protected characteristics, vulnerable groups within our communities, residents on a low income or living in a deprived area including access to support for rural communities.

Support projects which are accessible and inclusive (including geographically) and learn from the pandemic by having a hybrid of virtual and face-to-face work: we will work with donors and partners to direct funding towards projects that actively provide accessible and inclusive services including adaptation to digital and face to face offers including a commitment from Northamptonshire Community Foundation to also be flexible in our service offer.