Global Goals agenda for 2022

Date Posted:03/03/2022

Global Goals agenda for 2022

At Northamptonshire Community Foundation, we are proud to be able to announce and share this year’s UN Sustainable Development Goals monthly focus.

Last year saw the launch of Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s monthly UN SDG focus which were created to highlight the foundation’s commitment to taking on the Global Goals in a community leadership role. Each month, through staff and Trustee ambassador blogs and community conversations, we were able to address the needs and concerns that impact Northamptonshire. Due to the success of this, we will be continuing to highlight a UN SDG each month throughout 2022, sharing stories about how grants provided through Northamptonshire Community Foundation positively impact the community and supports work to achieve the Global Goals.

Please see the full schedule for 2022 at the end of this blog. 

But what are the Global Goals?

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs), a universal framework and call to action to promote prosperity while protecting our planet with the aim of achieving these goals by 2030. The UN SDGs replaced the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), adopting a wider reach and scope to encourage a broader engagement globally. The goals are based on five pillars for sustainable development: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership and focus on actions such as ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change.

Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, all segments of society and stakeholders including governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to create a better future for everyone by focusing on the actions.

To find out more about the Global Goals visit: Homepage - The Global Goals


Northamptonshire Community Foundation's alignment with the Global Goals

Community foundations naturally align with the Global Goals and here at NCF, we support the UKCF network implementation of them. Our vision is to create a culture of giving that strengthens and supports the local community in a global context. We champion the Global Goals in Northamptonshire and work alongside partners, collaborators, voluntary community groups, charities and donors, inspiring others to take on the challenge of building a better and more sustainable world locally. To accomplish this, participation must be from everyone. We all have a role to play in building a more suitable future!

At NCF, we have historically focused on nine goals that we think best reflect our local community needs. This year, we have introduced an additional goal to our focus - UN SDG 13: Climate Action. Climate change is impacting every country, in every continent and poses a threat to our entire civilisation and ecosystems. As sea levels continue to rise, CO2 levels increase and weather patterns change and become more extreme, we see an urgent need for everyone to act to protect our planet, and this is why we have decided to support UN SDG 13: Climate Action on a local level.


How the projects and organisations we fund link to the Global Goals

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art/UN SDG 4: Quality Education – Fermnywoods Contemporary Art is an educational charity, who have a long successful history of working with young people in alternative provision. They have recently been funded through our Friends of the Foundation Fund to provide a new programme of artist led workshops and learning experiences for children and young people who cannot attend mainstream school due to diagnosed complex medical and/or mental health conditions. Activities will include diverse activity such as digital drawing and animation, sound sampling, costume design and robotics.

The Good Loaf/ UN SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth –  The Good Loaf CIC is a successful artesian bakery with two community cafes, providing training and employment opportunities for vulnerable females, including offenders. They have recently received a grant through Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s Social Enterprise Fund for Northamptonshire to deliver a ten-session course for vulnerable women including the following options: Employability Skills, Goal Setting, Budgeting, Reading and Writing Sessions which all run alongside practical work experience shifts in their café. The focus is on CV writing, interview skills, career pathways and confidence building.

The Lowdown/ UN SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being – The Lowdown is a voluntary Mental Health charity, providing free and confidential counselling, emotional wellbeing, sexual health and LGBTQ support services for children and young adults. They have recently been provided with a grant through the Constance Travis Endowment Fund – the Global Goals which has allowed them to provide a free accessible drop-in session alongside other organisations supporting young people in the Youth Hub at Northampton Library. Here, 19-25 year olds are able to explore and express their feelings, gain support, guidance, and coping strategies to build their confidence and empower them to make positive changes on their journey towards emotional health and wellbeing.


Community Conversations

You spoke and we listened. Last year, we commenced a series of online Community Conversations around each of the UN SDGs. Our commitment to you was to provide an opportunity to come up with an initial action plan to improve activity and work in helping achieve each UN SDG by 2030. We brought local people together by inviting donors and community groups we funded to discuss local solutions to tackle these global issues across Northamptonshire through each community conversation.

Insightful and lively discussions allowed us to hear from a range of local practitioners on their work and approach to tackling the UN SDGs as well as the challenges they face and as a result, we created a set of next actions.

To view the initial action plan we created last year, click here: Northamptonshire Community Foundation ( (Look for each UNSDG, Next Steps)

This year, we will once again be hosting community conversations to continue discussions around the current challenges to achieving the UN SDGs as well as share our progression on each of our initial actions set last year.

To view last year’s community conversations click here: Community Conversations - UN SDG 2: Zero Hunger - YouTube.  


Awareness Days / Changes to this year’s schedule.

This year, we have linked each of our UN SDG monthly focuses to a UK or International Awareness Day/Week/Month. By bringing together each of the Global Goals with an awareness focus, it allows us to emphasise the importance of each UN SDG and make it relatable through its association with an important humanitarian, cultural, social or political issue around the world. Awareness Days are an important tool to highlight the power of the human connection by rallying us together to spread awareness and show support, helping us to Think Global and Act Local.

How you can get involved

We are so excited to share our Global Goals agenda for 2022. Throughout each month, we will be sharing a series of blogs, articles as well as hosting community conversation around each UN SDG. Check our website regularly to gain a better understanding of our community needs. Read our blogs and articles to find out how you can donate to community organisations working to achieve the UN SDGs. Join our webinars to have your say and become part of community conversations. Finally, don’t forget to follow us on our social media and engage in conversations to spread the word of the global goals and make others aware that by working together, we can create a better future for everyone by focusing on the actions on a community-level.


Northamptonshire Community Foundation UN SDG 2022 Schedule