Foodbank 2021

Theatre company and local charity launch film to highlight food poverty across the UK

Leading grant-making charity in the county Northamptonshire Community Foundation and As It Is Theatre Company recently held the online premiere of Foodbank: 2021.

Written by former foodbank manager Tara Osman and directed by Lawrence O’Connor, the live theatre film highlights real life stories about people who are forced to rely on food banks to support both themselves and their families.

Foodbank: 2021 is an online theatre piece documented by a food bank worker who is incensed by what she has seen. These are dramatised stories of people’s real life struggles with financial hardship, food insecurity and food poverty.

Their previous play Food Bank As It Is’ also written and directed by Tara and Lawrence, brings the voices and experiences of food bank users to life.

As It Is Theatre Company
A photo from the 'Foodbank As It Is play.

Adaptions of the play have previously been performed across the UK and it was due to be shown in Northampton last April but was cancelled due to the public health crisis.

The film, shot under covid-safe restrictions during lockdown, provides a window into the world of food poverty in the UK.

Tara Osman encourages people to watch ‘Foodbank:2021’ to find out more about the misery endured by people facing hunger, and said: “This play pulls no punches, and nor should it. It is a disgrace that anyone is facing hunger when supermarket shelves are stuffed full of food. Hopefully, Foodbank: 2021 underlines the urgency and necessity of political action to tackle hunger.”

Across the last year, Northamptonshire Community Foundation distributed £362,293 specifically to local charities and community groups to help provide food aid for those shielding and self isolating and other vulnerable residents as well as those experiencing financial hardship.

The Foundation is currently providing grants to charities through its Family Food Aid Fund to help struggling families living on a low income.

Rachel McGrath, Deputy CEO of Northamptonshire Community Foundation, said: “The pandemic may be receding, but the urgent need to tackle food poverty goes on. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we continue to provide funds to help tackle food insecurity in our local communities and welcome donations to help continue the programme. I really urge anyone to watch Foodbank: 2021 which has been produced on behalf of Northamptonshire Food Poverty Network is based on real life stories. It is a challenging watch and reflects the distressing and unjust circumstances many find themselves in. As part of our global goals work, we want to be a part of the local response to ensure we have zero hunger on our doorsteps by 2030.”

Foodbank: 2021 is now available to watch online on Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s YouTube channel at:

If you have been affected by the issues raised in the film and would like to help, Northamptonshire Community Foundation has recently launched the Family Food Aid Fund to support community groups and charities that are helping families experiencing financial hardship.

Funding will enable them to gain easy access to nutritious food and balanced meals as well as supporting the wellbeing of children and young people struggling with food insecurity.

If you would like to donate to the appeal, please visit: