Amanda's High Sheriff Trek

High Sheriff of Northamptonshire Mrs Amanda Lowther, DL and her husband Hugh Lowther will be taking part in a three-day trek, covering around 30 miles of the Jurassic Way to raise money for the High Sheriff Bursary Fund which is managed by Northamptonshire Community Foundation.

Amanda and her husband will set off on their trek starting from Sibbertoft on Tuesday 29th March. The journey will see them pass through Braybrooke, Cottingham and Welland Valley and end in Gretton on Thursday 31st March, which will mark the year anniversary of Amanda becoming High Sheriff of Northamptonshire.

Amanda, who has lived in Northamptonshire for over 33 years said: “I decided on a trek as both my husband and I are keen walkers and I wanted to do something that involved both ends of the county. I originally wanted to complete a longer walk but time constraints did not allow it. I thought that a three-day trek would still be a challenge as my husband and I are both in our 60s and would be covering around 10 miles a day. I am hoping we meet lots of people on our walk and encourage them to get involved.”

The Northamptonshire High Sheriff Bursary Fund, is a bursary scheme providing individual awards for the purpose of increasing employability for Care Leavers graduating from the University of Northampton, to have a meaningful impact on an individual’s future education, employment, aspirations and quality of life. The bursary aims to help disadvantaged students with costs such as attending their Graduation Ceremony, purchasing appropriate clothes suitable for the work place and interviews, and being able to travel to prospective employers to help ease the transition from education into their chosen careers.

The High Sheriff Bursary Fund was established by Caroline Brocklehurst DL in her year as High Sheriff 2016-17 to support the University of Northampton and students in financial hardship. Northamptonshire Community Foundation has worked alongside the University of Northampton to ensure that the fund does not duplicate other bursaries and fills a gap and need in hardship funding.

Amanda said: “I wanted to do something to support Northamptonshire Community Foundation. I have only recently found out about the High Sheriff Bursary Fund and I love everything it stands for. My focus this year as High Sheriff has been on supporting those young people, from school age to university leavers who are disadvantaged, particularly due to the pandemic. I wanted to raise money for a particular cause and I chose the High Sheriff Bursary Fund, as I feel care leavers’ chances in life are particularly challenged. Anything that can help them to get a foot on the employment ladder can only be a good thing. .”

“I hope that the trek promotes and raises money for the High Sheriff Bursary Fund as a little can go a long way. Even being able to attend the graduation ceremony is a very important moment at that stage in life”.

If you wish to donate to Amanda’s JustGiving page, you can do so by visiting: Amanda Lowther is fundraising for Northamptonshire Community Foundation (

Alternatively you may wish to make a cheque donation payable to Northamptonshire Community Foundation and post to the High Sheriff Bursary Fund Trek appeal, Northamptonshire Community Foundation, 18 Albion Place, Northampton, NN1 1UD.