Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund


The Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund supports vital community projects as they continue to respond to exceptional challenges over the coming months. For those charitable groups well placed to take action, this additional funding aims to help them in their ongoing steps to provide the much needed essential support to the most vulnerable members of our community during this public health crisis. We are now transitioning from the immediate relief phase to the longer term emergency phase; we will continue to award crisis response grants for immediate relief in anticipation of any return to lockdown as a result of a spike in infections. 

Crisis Response Grants - this is a rolling programme of up to £2000

Grants of up to £2,000 are available to support community action to help vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.  We will aim to make funding decisions as quickly as possible on a rolling basis while the fund is open.  All grants will be paid by BACS and you may receive a telephone call from a member of our team about your application to help speed up the decision making process. 

To apply for a Crisis Response grant please click here.

This is a rolling programme and we can receive ongoing applications until further notice.

Please note: Your organisation must evidence that you are working safely and adhering to government guidelines on COVID-19 virus. 

Please also note the continued availability of these grants is dependent on the progress of the fundraising appeal we are working alongside, which is supported by the National Emergencies Trust and a range of other donors, partners and donations from the general public. 

Please read the important guidance on applying to this fund here.

Who can apply

Only the following organisations are eligible to apply:

• Organisations working to combat hardship including economic, social or health impacts caused by the pandemic

• Organisations that support the ongoing needs of vulnerable people to ensure that their health and wellbeing is maintained including those who are self isolating, community response co-ordination and informal groups responding to the crisis

• Organisations in support of activities that relieve pressure on local statutory services, particularly emergency or health and social care provision, or compliment their response 

• Organisations supporting people or communities who have been disproportionately affected. 

Example projects could include, but are not limited to:

• Support for vulnerable and older people in their homes, providing food and medicines whilst this is still required

• Funding for community groups that are linked into the hubs being created to coordinate the above

• Training for new volunteer advice workers  

• Non-perishable food and essential living and baby items for distribution to destitute individuals

• Increased hours for part time frontline workers to deliver increased services


Please note: Individuals cannot apply, and the fund cannot be used to support personal needs on an individual basis. We cannot accept applications from businesses

 Is my group eligible?

Your project can be a new activity, start up costs for a new group or service or building on the good work you already do. Revenue and Capital Funding is eligible.
Your group must be a small, locally managed, voluntary, community or self-help group. Note Town/Parish Councils can apply.
Your total budget for the project you are applying for cannot be more than £20,000
You must have people volunteering to help with your activity, who are not part of your management committee
You must have a set of written rules or a constitution that your group adheres to. We can help advise you on how to do this especially if you are a new group
If volunteers will privately contact vulnerable people or children, you must take care to ensure that young people or vulnerable people taking part in your activity do not come to any harm whilst in your care. To this end, you must have written procedures for keeping young people and/or vulnerable people safe otherwise known as a Child Protection or Vulnerable people’s policy. This will be needed as a condition of funding. If you do not have such a policy, visit our Training & Resources section to download an example

For further information please email the Grants Team:

Please click here to view our Diversity Statement applicable to our grant awards.

Our funds and programmes are working towards the 9 UNSDGs we have adopted into our charitable activities. For more information please click here

Project Type: Health & Wellbeing

Grant Location:  Northamptonshire (county-wide)

Grant Amount: Up to £3,000