Co-op Food Fund

This Fund is now closed due to being fully allocated.

The Co-op Food Fund is now open. You helped us raise an incredible £1.5million for the National Emergencies Trust by purchasing items from Co-op’s picnic range. The funding is now ready for distribution as we are seeing an increase in need for food interventions again. Between the 26 October to 13 November, food charities and other community organisations can apply for funding to support access to food and sustainable solutions to food poverty. The money raised is being distributed on behalf of Co-op and the National Emergencies Trust by 46 community foundations across the UK.


Funding available

Grants of up to £3,000 will go to small, local charities and community organisations that meet our eligibility criteria. This is restricted funding that can only go towards sustainable food poverty programmes which tackle Co-op’s funding priorities detailed below:

a. REDISTRIBUTION - We will actively redistribute our surplus food to the people who need it most in our communities
b. ACCESS - We will provide easy access to nutritious food and balanced meals for customers with a limited budget
c. UPSKILLING - We will help to educate and upskill customers on low cost meal solutions, limiting food waste and shopping smartly
d. YOUNG PEOPLE - We will support future generations by prioritising the wellbeing of children and young people struggling with food insecurity
e. COMMUNITIES* - food programmes for vulnerable communities delivered in those communities
*this is a key priority to note as whilst it includes emergency food, it also includes all programmes that address food insecurity and its impacts.


To apply to the Co-op Food Fund click here.

This is a rolling programme open between Monday 26 October and Friday 13 November.


Please note: Your organisation must evidence that you are working safely and adhering to government guidelines on COVID-19 virus. 

Please read the guidance on applying to this fund here.

Please note: Individuals cannot apply, and the fund cannot be used to support personal needs on an individual basis. We cannot accept applications from businesses

 Is my group eligible?

Your project can be a new activity, start up costs for a new group or service or building on the good work you already do. Revenue and Capital Funding is eligible.
Your group must be a small, locally managed, voluntary, community or self-help group. Note Town/Parish Councils can apply.
Your total budget for the project you are applying for cannot be more than £20,000
You must have people volunteering to help with your activity, who are not part of your management committee
You must have a set of written rules or a constitution that your group adheres to. We can help advise you on how to do this especially if you are a new group
If volunteers will privately contact vulnerable people or children, you must take care to ensure that young people or vulnerable people taking part in your activity do not come to any harm whilst in your care. To this end, you must have written procedures for keeping young people and/or vulnerable people safe otherwise known as a Child Protection or Vulnerable people’s policy. This will be needed as a condition of funding. If you do not have such a policy, visit our Training & Resources section to download an example

For further information please email the Grants Team:

Please click here to view our Diversity Statement applicable to our grant awards.

Our funds and programmes are working towards the 9 UNSDGs we have adopted into our charitable activities. For more information please click here

Project Type: Poverty

Grant Location:  Northamptonshire (county-wide)

Grant Amount: Up to £3,000