Yelvertoft Wind Farm Fund

Grants up to £3,000 are recorded in General Grants Programme.

October 2018

Crick Community Sports Centre - £5,823

The grant will be used to install sports shelters and dugouts. 

Friends of Yelvertoft Bridleway - £6,500

The grant will be used to continue resurfacing the bridleway

Yelvertoft Ladies Choir - £2,500

The grant will fund the purchase of new equipment, to employ an accompanist and a musical director and to pay for the hire of a practice venue.

February 2018

Crick Scarecrow Festival Committee - £1,000
The grant will cover the costs of purchasing a 24 channel mixing console for the Crick Music Festival.

January 2018

Yelvertoft Cricket Club - £4,150
The grant will be used to purchase a new gang mower for the Yelvertoft playing field.

The Wheels on Debussy - £12,962
The funding will enable the group to launch a project called Creative Crick, which aims to bring inspiring, exceptional art and cross- generational community experiences to the community of Crick.

Crick Parish Council - £20,000
The grant will support the continued use of the Crick allotment gardens which will enable 50 allotment holders to continue enjoying the allotments and bring fresh produce to their dinner tables.


October 2017

Wriggle Dance Theatre – £7,000 from Yelvertoft Community Wind Farm Fund
The funding will be used to provide a 5-week programme of dance sessions to children from Crick and Yelvertoft Primary schools and devise a performance to be shown to members of the local community.

Friends of Yelvertoft bridleway - £6,500 from Yelvertoft Community Wind Farm Fund
The group will use their grant to resurface the bridleway in Yelvertoft. 


September 2017

Crick Athletic Football club - £6,307.1 
The club will use their grant to purchase and install a permanent respect barrier to make their football matches safer and to tackle unacceptable behaviour in football.


April 2017

Yelvertoft Bowling Club - £5,000 
The club will use their grant to replace their Roll-up machine.

September 2016 

Drama in Yelvertoft – £5,565 
The grant will be used to install a digital projection facility for the benefit of all residents of the village.
March 2016

Yelvertoft Village Hall Management Committee - £6,250 
The grant will be used to renovate the Yelvertoft Village hall.