Queen's Institute fund

Grants up to £3,000 are recorded in General Grants Programme.


November 2017 


Rockin’ Roadrunner - £5,000 
The funding will enable a team of five creatives and assistants to deliver creative workshops at eight residential spaces across Northamptonshire. 


July 2017

Martial Arts School - £5,000 
The grant awarded will fund the Martial Arts Academy summer activity programme.

April 2017

British Red Cross - £5,000 
The grant will be used to hire a member of staff who can recruit, train and support 20 volunteers.

Northants Parent Forum Group - £3,150 
The grant will be used to run a family fun event showcasing all the services, activities and support available to Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) families.

Zimwomen Association Northamptonshire - £5,000
The grant will be used to fund ARISE workshops, aiming to encourage women to arise and help each other to live healthier and improved lives. 

January 2017
Northampton and Wellingborough Sea Cadets - £5,000 
The grant will be used to provide rowing equipment for cadets with health or disability issues.
September 2016
EasyRider Cycle Club - £4,960 
The grant will be used to recruit and train eight volunteers enabling the club to increase their monthly weekend cycle rides to weekly events and two extra walks per month.
February 2016
Care and Repair - £5,000 
The grant will enable the group to carry out home support measures for 30 vulnerable households.

Clubs for Young People Northamptonshire - £5,000 
The grant will be used to enable young people to experience the reality of parenthood.