Margaret Giffen memorial trust

Grants up to £3,000 are recorded in General Grants Programme.

July 2016

Groundwork Northamptonshire - £3,100
The grant will be used to run 3 Big Days In, days of visual arts taster sessions in community centres.
March 2016
Citizens Advice Services Corby and Kettering (CASCK) - £5,000 
The grant will be used to help disabled people transition to PIP.
January 2016 
Helping Hands Advisory Service - £5,000
The grant will be used to enable the group to continue existing service providing welfare support and advice.
October 2015
The Salvation Army - £4,993
The Salvation Army will provide a facility for baking for the regular drop-ins they offer as well as group activity meals and facilities for groups using the premises for meetings or conferences.

February 2015

Northamptonshire Rights & Equality Council - £5,000
To deliver a programme supporting community safety and the rights of young people.
August 2014

Metro-Boulot-Dodo Limited - £4,472
The group will execute outreach around the Gunpowder Plot, culminating with a family friendly show to celebrate the 5th November.

June 2014

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Ltd - £4,900
The group will work with five groups of disabled young people, educating them in sound, art and music.