Grant Deadlines

Remember that for most programmes, you are never more than 4 weeks away from a closing date and we also provide a draft application support service and provide feedback. Grant panels take place at the end of every month, normally you will be informed of outcome within a week of the panel meeting.

Please note if you would like to receive feedback on a draft application you must submit your link to Anthony Brinklow by 12 Noon on Friday, one week before the application deadline.



Closing Date

Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Sport (NFDS) Fund

Friday 6 March


Burton Wold Community Wind Farm Fund 


Yelvertoft Wind Farm Community Fund


Friday 6 March

New Albion Community Wind Farm Fund

Friday 10 January

General grants

Friday 6 March

Compton Fund

Queen's Institute Fund

Friday 6 March

Surviving Winter

Friends of the Foundation

These programmes will be closed until late 2020

Winwick Wind Farm Community Fund

Friday 6 March

The Avon fund for Women and Girls

Monday 27 January

KHL Big Local


Friday 10 January 

Engie Fund for Enterprise

Sporting Champions


(Currently closed permanently)

London Marathon Charitable Trust

Friday 1 May

#iwill Fund

Friday 10 January

Tampon Tax Community Fund

Friday 2 October