Funding awarded to community groups in Northamptonshire

Serve Rushden
Serve Rushden

Northamptonshire Community Foundation, the leading grant-making charity in the county, is delighted to continue to offer strategic support to vulnerable individuals and families on behalf of their generous donors and partners.

Last year, the charity launched the Coronavirus Response & Recovery Fund to benefit charities and community groups that offer vital support to vulnerable people affected by the Coronavirus outbreak

With support from the National Emergencies Trust (NET), the fund aims to help such organisations in their ongoing steps to provide much needed essential support to the most vulnerable members of our community. The fund currently offers crisis response grants to support immediate community action as a result of the most recent lockdown and has made a series of longer-term, strategic response grants to several groups working in partnership to alleviate a range of issues presented by the public health crisis.

A total of £117,439 was awarded to seven organisations across the county.

SOFEA, Support Northamptonshire, United African Association, Northampton Hope Centre, Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire, Home-Start Wellingborough and District and Serve Rushden each received a strategic response award through the Foundation.

  • SOFEA – Received £20,000 to work in partnership with Community Larders across rural West Northamptonshire to deliver free food parcels to those in need.
  • Support Northamptonshire – Received £16,030 to work with several BAME organisations to tackle food poverty, with a key focus on Northampton and Wellingborough.
  • United African Association – Received £16,235 to support the African communities in Corby and Kettering to tackle food poverty and to offer virtual workshops and counselling services for young people.
  • Northampton Hope Centre – Received £20,000 to work alongside several food projects and food banks including Northampton Foodbank, Weston Favell Foodbank and Shine, to tackle food poverty across Northamptonshire
  • Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire – Received £15,444 to work with local resilience groups and Northampton Borough Council to support existing organisations and schemes with information and guidance and signposting individuals to appropriate voluntary, community and social enterprise groups.
  • Home-Start Wellingborough and District – Received £14,023 to continue their support hub for families, working in partnership with Mind, Service Six and Relate.
  • Serve Rushden – Received £15,707 to support vulnerable individuals and families as part of the community resilience hub in East Northamptonshire.

Jess Slater, of Serve Rushden, said: “Serve are delighted Northamptonshire Community Foundation awarded us funding from their strategic grants to support our community resilience project, which helps people with multiple needs. The funding has gone a long way to support those who are suffering financial hardship, mental health concerns, family concerns and many more needs have been addressed as a result of this project.”

Through extended support from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), a further £79,499 has been awarded to continue their vital work in supporting local communities across Northamptonshire.

Rachel McGrath, Deputy CEO and Grants Director of Northamptonshire Community Foundation, said: “During the pandemic, in addition to crisis response grants, we have also deliberately awarded strategic funds to a number of groups working in partnership across Northamptonshire, using their expertise addressing health inequalities, poverty, wellbeing support and providing help to vulnerable people that also tackles some of the underlying issues and promotes collaboration. Thank you to our generous donors and partners who have supported this crucial philanthropic response to the public health crisis.”