Avon support female victims of domestic abuse

Avon UK and Relate
From left to right: Naomi Butters, Fund Development Manager at Northamptonshire Community Foundation, Tamika Short, Senior Press Officer at Avon and Carolyn Benjamin, CEO at Relate Northamptonshire.

Relate Northamptonshire have been awarded vital funding to enable them to provide intensive 1-2-1 therapeutic counselling sessions to women and their families who have previously been victims of, or have witnessed domestic and emotional violence.

Avon UK presented the group with a cheque of £3,000 from their Avon Fund for Women and Girls, which is facilitated by Northamptonshire Community Foundation.

AVON has been a long standing supporter of the domestic violence cause since 2008. The Fund is part of the beauty company’s commitment to support the causes that matter most to women, funding projects across Northamptonshire that improve the quality of life for women and girls.

Matthieu Comard, Group Vice President of Avon UK, said: “The Avon fund for Women and Girls is something that we are very proud of. Making a difference to the lives of women and girls is part of our continuous commitment to the causes that are close to the heart of Avon. I look forward to hearing more about how our funding is making a positive impact to Relate Northamptonshire and all the women involved.”

Carolyn Benjamin, Chief Executive of Relate Northamptonshire said: “We’ve been helping people across the county for nearly 60 years.  Our counselling services provide support for people in relationships, children and young people, delivery counselling in schools for both pupils and staff, working with people with various common mental health issues and supporting employees with work issues that affect their wellbeing.

"We are delighted to announce that, with the generous support of the Avon Fund for Women and Girls we will be delivering free counselling to women who are ready to move on from abusive and controlling relationships.  We know that women leaving abusive relationships suffer higher levels of anxiety, depression and panic attacks, as well as suffering financial hardship.  With the support of Avon, we are able to provide free counselling support to help women move on to happier, healthier and safer relationships, for both themselves and their children and families.”

In their latest round of funding, Avon also awarded a £3,000 grant to the Northampton Gymnastics Academy to increase girls participation in the sport.

Naomi Butters, Fund Development Manager of Northamptonshire Community Foundation added: “We are delighted to be working on the delivery of Avon’s fund for Women and Girls behalf of Avon.  The fund empowers and supports women and girls within Northamptonshire communities and helps build gender parity.”