Fortitude Financial Planning supports N100 giving circle

Published - Tuesday, 27 January, 2015

Fortitude Financial Planning of Towcester is the latest Northamptonshire business to join our N100 giving circle.


Fortitude Director, Neil Bailey said: " The Fortitude team is delighted to be part of the N100 giving circle. We are looking forward to working with the Community Foundatiion, who will ensure that our donation will bemanaged effectively to support projects within our community".


You may wonder what our N100 giving circle is – by joining you will have an opportunity to socialise your giving by linking with like-minded donors in order to choose and support causes of mutual interest.


Research shows that giving circles have many benefits including the ability to give more strategically; to benefit from larger donations as a group more than any one donor is able to give; to support a wider range of beneficiaries; to be more knowledgeable about problems in your community and county and structured as a team-based group a giving circle increases confidence in donating and giving.


With solid benefits such as these, whether new to charitable giving, or simply wanting to try a new approach to donating in 2015, participatory philanthropy is well worth considering.


Giving circles are team based donating where everyone is a winner. For more information email Naomi Butters.


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