Northamptonshire Community Foundation makes an impact

Published - Monday, 15 December, 2014


Northamptonshire Community Foundation, a local grant giving charity, has launched its first impact review at the Errol Flynn Cinema sponsored by The Red Thread Company Limited, a local business delivering a sustainable leadership programme.

The Impact Review provides insights and highlights into the value and demonstrated difference that donations and grants are making to communities on our local doorstep. Based on completed projects in 2013/14 donations and grants have enabled local groups and charities to support 134,976 people at an average cost of £3.80 per beneficiary.

The review identifies key areas in which local community groups and charities have been able to actively support people such as working with vulnerable people and families, getting people back into education and training, getting people healthy and active, volunteering, improving the environment and making arts, culture and heritage accessible for all.

The review is based on reports provided by groups and charities working towards an impact assessment framework. Reporting back using this impact tool has meant that groups can build their monitoring and evaluation skills and report back to the foundation the difference that they made to beneficiaries lives.

Foundation Annual Award 2014 winners Daventry Volunteer Centre speaking about their funded activity the Daventry District Time Bank said: ‘The Time Bank recruits an average of six new volunteers a month who each offer an average of 1.6 volunteering opportunities (skills exchanged for time credits) to the Time Bank members. There are currently 155 active members who take part in an average of 100 skill exchange activities per month.’

The Impact Review also highlights the work of the Fredericks Foundation and its impact by creating 40 local jobs. Frederick’s Northamptonshire is a joint local venture between Northamptonshire Community Foundation and Fredericks Foundation. The project lends money to individuals moving on from benefits toward self employment.

Grants Director Rachel McGrath said: ‘We are delighted to be able to launch our first ever impact review based on a framework which has been developed and pilot tested over the last 3 years. We are able to capture the kind of difference that groups are achieving and this makes us better able to track this change and communicate this to current and potential donors and the wider community.’

The Impact Review is available online, please click here.


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