Northamptonshire learns to love food and hate waste

Published - Thursday, 03 July, 2014


Northamptonshire Food Poverty Network supported by Northamptonshire Community Foundation has joined forces with the national ‘Love Food Hate Waste Campaign’ to help local families and individuals save money and reduce food waste.

The national campaign ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ estimates that ‘each month the average family throws away £60 worth of uneaten food every month’ which means UK households waste £12.5 billion worth of food and drink each year, costing the average family with children £700 a year.

Representatives from local community groups and charities attended the free event. Money saving tips and advice were provided throughout the training session. This included practical tips about saving food, from meal planning and food portioning to better food storage and using up leftovers.


Each attendee also received a certificate in trainer support and free resources to train others in addressing the problems of household food waste.

Grants Director Rachel McGrath said: ‘The Northamptonshire Food Poverty Network is promoting a ‘Food Waste Watch’ campaign so every one of us can take responsibility for reducing food waste. ‘



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