Grant of the month - Looking Glass Theatre

Published - Tuesday, 14 June, 2016

Looking Glass Theatre were recently awarded £5,394 by Northamptonshire Community Foundation through the Compton Fund for Arts, Culture and Heritage and NCC Wellbeing Fund.

Looking Glass Theatre are a theatre group based at the historic Hazelrigg House in Northampton. They produce plays which are performed across schools, community centres and art venues in the county. They also run a stage school providing opportunities for young people to access arts activities and training.


The group  will be using their grant to open a Hazelrigg House exhibition and will offer free public and Primary School visits to the house from 9th - 24th June 2016. The money will also be used to produce an outdoor performance of the Wind in the Willows at St Peter’s Church, Northampton.

Leigh Souter-Smith, the director of Looking Glass Theatre said of the Hazelrigg House project,

“We are honoured and excited to be a part of this beautiful Tudor buildings history, we’ve nearly been in the house a year now, and despite the challenges, have made such fabulous progress. A key focus now is to develop the buildings use and open the space to the local communities and schools to access Hazelrigg through heritage arts activities.

The Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s grant has enabled us to begin this through the educational school visits and general public open days. It will enable us to promote the house and its importance in the town and also evaluate and develop further events using vital feedback from the first groups visiting this week. It has also enabled us to purchase period furniture to start to create a feel of the house over its past and allow young people to ‘live’ in history.

The grant has also enabled a short film to be made about the key owners of the house over the years to enable young people to ‘meet’ characters from the past in a fun way, to promote engagement with the house and its history and inspire further arts based activities for all ages. We are very honoured to have received the funding which is key to developing and promoting this fabulous building to local communities in the future”

For more information on the Hazelrigg House Exhibition visit Looking Glass Theatre's website


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