Grant of the month - KidsAid Foundation

Published - Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

KidsAid Foundation has been awarded £5,000 by Northamptonshire Community Foundation through the NCC Wellbeing fund.

KidsAid Foundation are a charity that provides therapy to children and young people who have suffered from traumatic events ranging from illness and peer pressure to family breakdown, bereavement, domestic violence and abuse.

The charity will use their grant to provide therapy for 5 children or young people that have experienced traumatic events. With this grant they will be able to relieve the suffering of five children who have been waiting for therapy.

Suki Bassi the Business Development & Fundraising Officer of KidsAid Foundation said,
“We are delighted to have been awarded a grant from Northamptonshire Community Foundation. KidsAid Foundation work with children who have abused or neglected, been bereaved, experienced domestic violence or been bullied.

We receive no government funding so we have to charge for Therapy or raise money in a variety of ways in order to work with as many children or young people as we can.  For the children we work with, putting their experiences or feelings into words is often very difficult.  Our qualified and experienced Therapists help children and young people to communicate their feelings and experiences using the language of play, art and drama to stimulate imagination and self-expression.  Our creative and child centred Therapies give children a voice to ensure they feel heard and understood.

The funding from Northamptonshire Community Foundation will allow us to provide Therapy to 5 children that have experienced a trauma.  Families often struggle to find the money to provide Therapy for children due to low income or unemployment.  This grant will allow 5 children to receive Therapy that otherwise would not have done so. Working with children at a young age gives them an opportunity to build resilience and avoid poor mental health later and improved life chances.

Thank you for allowing us to be able to offer these funded Therapy places.”


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