Rockin' Roadrunner

Published - Thursday, 07 April, 2016

Rockin’ Roadrunner were recently awarded a grant of £4,000 by Northamptonshire Community Foundation through St Giles Charities Trust Fund.

Rockin’ Roadrunner is a nightclub for adults with disabilities. The club aims to allow people with disabilities and their carers a safe, fun event where they can access live music, DJs and Performers. They will be using their grant to continue delivering creative workshops. The workshops will be focused around the club’s ‘Beach’ Festival theme where members will use their creative skills to create decor and signage for the club. The work produced will be showcased at future club events including the Roadrunner Festival in 2016. Rockin’ Roadrunner will deliver 8 workshops at 4 different venues across Northamptonshire.

Rockin’ Roadrunner’s Vice Chair and Event Manager, Ria Hardy said “The funding from the Northamptonshire Community Foundation is essential to a small organization like ours, allowing us to be able to continue producing our unique Mini Festival and creative workshops which increase access to the live music and arts and are focused around and for people with disabilities within the county.”


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