Grant of the Month Buddies of Beckets

Published - Tuesday, 14 March, 2017

Buddies of Beckets have been awarded £20,000 by Northamptonshire Community Foundation through the First for Wellbeing Target Fund.

Buddies of Beckets are a community park group who wish to transform Beckets Park into a Wellbeing Park by organising community events to bring local people together and improve the community spirit in the area. Joy Ormond and Nick Stephens, both local residents living close to Beckets Park, started the group as they both had an interest in the park and felt it was neglected and unloved. The group will use their grant to employ a Park Development Officer on a part-time basis to develop Becket’s park as a ‘Wellbeing Park’.

The Park Development Officer will work with the community to design and influence what is delivered in the park, ensuring the projects are sustainable and explore further funding opportunities where appropriate.

Nick Stephens, Chairman of Buddies of Beckets said “This funding from the First for Wellbeing will help us transform Beckets Park into a Wellbeing Park. It will give us the opportunity to support vulnerable people, reduce the isolation of residents – particularly older people - and improve their health. An exciting and innovative part of the Park Development Officer will be to work with the University of Northampton and others to produce an exhibition of local people’s memories, history and photos of the park. The exhibition will be staged at the end of July at BOB’s first large community event. This event is called Mela@Beckets Park and it will be free with singers, dancers and other performers on stage.

I am confident that Buddies of Beckets will be giving lots of opportunities and encouragement to support vulnerable people, reduce isolation and improve everyone’s health and wellbeing through a variety of projects centred in and around Beckets Park.”

Find out more about Buddies of Beckets on their Facebook page.


If you currently run a project in the Northampton wards of Castle and Spencer or the Wellingborough Ward of Swanspool you can apply for our First for Wellbeing Target Fund.


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