Grant of the month - Community Court Yard

Published - Monday, 15 August, 2016

Community Court Yard has been awarded £9,500 by Northamptonshire Community Foundation through the NCC Wellbeing Fund.

Community Court Yard delivers social education projects across Northamptonshire which are based around grassroots community engagement. The group’s aim is the tackle anti-social behaviour, address issues around community cohesion, and bring communities together.

The group will use their grant to build on the work that was undertook through their ‘Not on our Doorstep project’, which built relationships with young people from Eastern European backgrounds. Community Court Yard will continue this work by building relationships with the parents, families and extended families of those young people.
Bianca Todd, founder of CCY explained what the project is about;

"Not On Your Doorstep was a new project that we delivered in partnership with CAN and the Umbrella Fair, which looked at creative ways to tackle the anti-social behaviour that was happening on the racecourse, addressing issue around isolation that young people experience.

Our contribution to the project was around utilising street based youth work methodology to engage with young people who use the racecourse and have been involved in anti-social behaviour and crime.

Thanks to Northamptonshire Community Foundation, we were able to expand on this work and offer young people who had engaged with us on the racecourse, the opportunity to develop new skills, confidence and knowledge, through specific workshops. Through that process they were supported to make long term positive life choices which had an impact on reducing crime on the racecourse."


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