The Bishop of Northampton launches Surviving Winter Campaign

Published - Tuesday, 07 October, 2014


In its fourth year the Surviving Winter appeal aims to save lives and help isolated and vulnerable elderly people and families stay warm and well during the winter months. 

As a supporter of Surviving Winter and as Bishop for Northampton, the Right Rev. Peter Doyle explained how he has witnessed first-hand the devastating effects winter can have on vulnerable people. 


Rev. Peter Doyle said: “Last year thanks to generosity of those who supported the campaign the Foundation were able to give £39,540 in grants during 2013/14 to twelve inspiring and heart-warming projects which support vulnerable people during the winter months. Their efforts and the groups they support never failed to lift my spirits and belief in human kindness contrary to the endless reports of the reverse in the newspapers today”.


Thousands of elderly people are struggling with the sharp rise in living costs and utility bills leaving them facing big challenges this winter, and unsure of where to turn. No one should be left struggling and every penny donated is directed to those most in need of help, to make sure they can afford to stay warm, keep active and eat well throughout the winter months.


Did you know?


That it has been estimated that for every degree colder than 20C mortality rises by one to two per cent (Age UK). 



It is estimated that over 4 million households live in fuel poverty across the UK. Consumers are also facing record energy price rises and an increased cost of living which is having a detrimental impact on living standards for older people and families.


This year our objective is to help not only the elderly who are in fuel poverty but also vulnerable and struggling families who are squeezed by the difficult economic environment.

Surviving Winter is a campaign which aims to prevent these unnecessary deaths. Every penny raised is passed on to vulnerable, elderly people living in our county – to help keep them warm and well as the cold weather sets in.


So, how can you help?


If you are in receipt of a Winter Fuel Allowance and can afford to do so, you can choose to pass this payment on to the Northamptonshire Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter appeal. For many elderly people the Winter Fuel Payments are simply not enough however some better off pensioners may not need them.


Even if you are not eligible for this fuel allowance you can donate directly into the appeal.

Simply get in touch with Northamptonshire Community Foundation on 01604 230033 if you would like to find out further information.


Donations are used where they have a significant impact and last year The Northampton Association for the Blind benefited from a Surviving Winter grant. The grant was used to help fund the Enable service. This provides help, advice and support, usually in the home on aspects of living with sight loss from daily living skills to maintaining physical, mental and general health and wellbeing.

If you would like further information simply get in touch with Northamptonshire Community Foundation on 01604 230033



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