AFG UK and Friends

Published - Thursday, 15 October, 2015

AFG UK exists to help and support young Afghan boys and other unaccompanied minors in Northamptonshire. The group actively welcome others to access the services and support which are even more relevant in light of recent events in the world.


AFG UK were recently awarded a grant to facilitate the hire of a community room, provide refreshments and basic food items, so that the young men can be taught to cook on a budget and to buy some sports equipment to support group activities.


Most of the young people who have accessed the services of the group in the past have come to this country as unaccompanied asylum seekers and in general have no family in Britain. As well as the emotional scars of having left family behind and travelled alone many arrive with little or no knowledge of English and very little understanding of how to access services and support.


AFG UK enables the young people to reconnect with others from their homeland and help them keep a sense of their own identity, as well as helping them better integrate into mainstream society.





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